Digimart Information in English

Overview and FAQ


Digimart is all in Japanese as it's designed mainly for Japanese users. However, we provide you some information on our site in English briefly here since we get quite a few inquiries in English from overseas.

【02】What is Digimart ?TOP

Digimart is the Japan's leading Musical Instrument Search Engine. Hundreds of musical instrument shops all over Japan are updating the shop and their stock information daily for users mainly living in Japan. Digimart is NOT real shop or EC site.

【03】What Digimart can do for you ?TOP

On this page, we will show you how to search the item you're looking for and how to locate the shop's contact information (email address). We also provide you a list of the registered shops handling international shipping.

*IMPORTANT* We do not contact the shops for users to inquire an item's stock, price, international shipping fee, or any other information related to the sales. Contacting shops for users is beyond our service.

【04】How to search the certain item you wantTOP

Enter the keyword (e.g. fender usa) into a search box right below the top menu bar, then click the orange button right next to a search box. Please see the image below.

The search result will be displayed on the same page. If there is no result found, you will see an red "!" icon on the page. *IMPORTANT* If you see a text in red shown below next to the price, the item is SOLD OUT or ON HOLD:
売却済=SOLD OUT/予約済み=HOLD

【05】How to contact each shop that carries the item you'd like to buyTOP

Scroll down the item's page and you will find a link to the shop that carries the item. Click the link and it will lead you to the shop's page. You can find shop's e-mail address!

【06】Important information about an inquiry from overseasTOP

Except the shops listed on "Shops shipping worldwide" below, please note that not all the shops reply to an inquiry from overseas since many shops are dealing with a domestic order only. Please understand there will be a case that shop will not answer to your inquiry. If you are not hearing from the shop, it may be the shop does not deal with an international order, and(or) the item is out of stock.

Some shops provide only telephone number, no email address.

Shops shipping worldwide